Cable Joint Kit


Cable Joint Kit

Resin Filled Cable Joint Kit 

- Cellpack resin filled cable joints are the ideal method of joining the industrial cables of today. 
- Universally suitable to connect low-voltage plastic insulated cables or conductors insulated with PVC, PE, VPE and EPR. Also suitable for compression connectors on aluminium and copper conductors. 
- The pack has been specifically designed to offer the user a quick, clean and efficient method of pouring and applying the resin. 
- All joint kits are supplied as complete kits in a single carton - each kit comprises a clear plastic shell, a two-part PUR type EG cast-resin compound, caps, spacers, gloves and joining instructions. 
- This range of joints is suitable for 600/1200V (0.6/1.2 kV) cables. 

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